The Photography Workshop

Friendly Informal Photography Workshops

I am originally form Portsmouth, England, now based in Sydney, Australia. I have had many years of experience within the industry, including working in England, Europe & Asia. My work ethic is friendly & professional, working with many models & clothing designers over the years & 100s of families capturing these special moments in time.

Beginner Walkabout

This workshop is perfect for beginners who want to learn more about their digital camera's technical & creative possibilities. After this course, you will no longer need to use the automatic settings of your camera. You will be ready to shoot your photography in a new, creative way.
Get off auto mode and learn to shoot in manual mode. Hands-on challenges to put theory into practice. Control ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed. Photo critique is included throughout the course.
It will include street portraits, architecture & landscapes.
Max of 3 people.
3 hours.
$125 per person.

Intermediate with model

In this workshop, you will be under the guidance of a professional photographer; learn tips and tricks from a pro by actually 'doing' rather than listening. Whatever you need brushing upon - whether it's composition, white balance tricks, how to take portraits or fashion photos or anything in between, the class will be designed for you! This is a hands-on class and will get you out & about testing your skills.
You will learn how to pose & work will a model on location using a reflector & strobe lighting, including photo critique on the day.
Max of 3 people.
4 hours.
$250 per person

Intermediate Studio Fashion Style Shoot With Model

You will be using flash units & accessories such as umbrellas, softboxes & reflectors. You will learn to create outstanding images of personalities. You are learning the fundamentals of a lighting setup, improving your understanding of flash, controlling it, and using it effectively. We use classic techniques with light configurations. You will learn how, when and why to use reflectors, snoots, softboxes and umbrellas. Learn how to pose & work with a model.
Hands-on challenges to put theory into practice. Including photo critique.
Max of 3 people.
4 hours.
$295 per person

All my workshops are fun & interactive

I run a number of locations throughout Sydney including The Rocks & Bicentennial Park in Olympic Park. For more information & to receive my 10 favourite photography locations in Sydney, please contact me below.


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